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From Fear to Freedom:

My Journey of Inner Transformation

From Fear to Freedom: My Journey of Inner Transformation

Hey there, my beautiful friends! 😊

Today, I want to share a bit of my own personal journey, one that's been filled with twists, turns, and countless lessons. It's not all about boudoir photography this time, but rather a glimpse into the path that led me here.

The Fear-Filled Years

As a child, I was no stranger to fear. It seemed to run my life, like a relentless shadow that followed my every step. Confrontation? Oh no, that was my Achilles' heel. I'd avoid it like the plague, all in the name of keeping the peace.

In my twenties and thirties, I was on a never-ending quest to please others, hoping to find love and acceptance. Standing up for myself? That was a foreign concept. Countless times, I needed to speak up, but I kept silent.

But it was my ongoing battle with Body Dysmorphia that truly devoured my thoughts and ruled my world. It was an ever-present shadow that controlled every facet of my life. I often suffered physically when I should have been thriving as a young adult. Every month, debilitating period pain took me out of school or work for days, even leading to panic attacks.

The Descent into Paranoia

To add to the chaos, I became utterly fanatical about my weight and health. It was a never-ending quest for perfection, which eventually led to a kind of health paranoia. I was convinced everything was bad for me, and no matter how I approached the situation, it left me feeling empty and disoriented.

In an effort to cope, I put on a mask, playing the life of the party and keeping myself busy to the point of exhaustion. My nervous system, after years of being pushed to the limit, finally cried out for respite.

The Constant Change

Jobs, relationships, addresses – they all changed with the seasons of my life. I couldn't seem to find stability, and financial struggles were my constant companion. I was stuck in survival mode, perpetually playing the victim of my own story.

The Turning Point

Then came my late thirties. Something inside me was stirring, a whisper from my true self that was ready to take center stage, even if I didn't fully grasp it at the time. In that moment, I decided to commit to my own healing journey, and I gave it everything I had.

I ventured deep into the realm of inner work and personal transformation, with unwavering intent. It wasn't easy, and it's still a work in progress, but from that labor of love, a new life emerged.

A Journey from Humble Beginnings

I started by clearing my internal waters, working on developing a sharp discernment, and tending to my spirit's needs. The result? A life filled with dreams coming true and unfolding before my eyes.

The Dream Unfolds

This journey from fear to freedom has been nothing short of incredible. I've witnessed transformation, not just in my life, but in the lives of those I've had the honor to photograph.

I share this story with you today to show that life's hurdles can be turned into stepping stones. You see, we all have our battles, but they don't have to define us. I want you to know that whatever you're going through, you're not alone, and there's always hope for change and growth.

My Journey is Yours

The reason I'm sharing this isn't just for a trip down memory lane. It's to let you know that I'm not just a boudoir photographer; I'm someone who's been through the trenches, who's fought those internal battles, and who's come out stronger on the other side.

I'm here for you, not just to capture your beauty but to celebrate the journey you're on, too. Together, we can make magic happen and capture your story, your essence, and your unique beauty.

I'd love to connect with you, to hear your story, and to chat about the transformative power of boudoir photography. If you're ready, let's schedule a call. I'm here, and I'm so excited to be a part of your journey, too. 📷💫

With love and laughter,


Elle your boudoir fairy godmother