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Unfathomable Faith

Fear or Love? The choice is yours.

Having unfathomable faith is not about the success of an outcome.

It’s about choosing to create in the energy of love over the choice of the energy of fear.

Creation is everything you and I put into this world.

Unfathomable faith embodies and radiates love so powerful that everything needed is provided like a divinely inspired magic miracle.

Because love is a magical miracle.

Whereas creating from a place of fear creates the space for failure.

Fear brings drama, worry, depression.

It’s the knife in the chest of your dreams, the self sabotaging energy.

Unfathomable faith stands tall in the middle of the storm and doesn’t flinch.

Unfathomable faith operates on a powerful heart energy, rooted in strong personal values, and is on a mission of a higher purpose.

Unfathomable faith takes pure courageousness and presence.

Unfathomable faith guarantees a lot of uncomfortable situations and a lot more magical miraculous results!

Fear or Love?

The choice is yours.

By Danielle Eugenia