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Birth- the Initiation to Life

Birth is the initiation to life.

If conception was the initiation to life, then every great idea in the world would have turned instantly into a thriving business.

First is conception.
Then gestation period.
And then there is birth.

This is a divine feminine energy signature that we all experience whether we reproduce or not.

Whether we are male or female or somewhere on the spectrum.

Your business idea? That’s Conception.

You starting your business and taking action to complete all the steps needed for a Business to launch.
That’s Gestation period.

You launching your business.
That is Birth.

This principal applies to anything we create.

And so it is that human life begins after initiation.

Conception does not guarantee gestation.

Gestation does not guarantee an initiation.

a birth, is the initiation that guarantees life.

With of course no guarantee how long of a life.

And so it is through the feminine energy principle of creation.

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