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Female Bodies are not Broken

"If society can keep women the perverse ones, the ones that need to be fixed, then they can control our children. The perversion is being projected from the perverts, so they can hide their agenda to have more access to children."

While gender stories are being ditched, DO NOT abandon that one gender that GOT YOU HERE.


If society can keep women the perverse ones, the ones that need to be fixed, then they can control our children. The perversion is being projected from the perverts, so they can hide their agenda to have more access to children.

If everyone believes that female humans are broken.

Here are some popular beliefs and ways females are treated like broken humans.

*Females bleed – and there is something wrong with us for this? Even though it has never been any other way.

*Women are shamed for bleeding.

*Society has over-sexualized a part of the body that nurtures and feeds a baby.

*Female nipples are considered perverse. There is something not humanly right with female nipples, so they must be covered up.

*Female humans are broken so we must have laws that regulate what they do with their bodies.

*Someone who is broken, who bleeds and has nipples, can’t possibly be intelligent enough to make a life or death decision regarding their bodies.

*Female’s human bodies are broken and need laws to regulate them.

Society invest literally billions in industries to keep women feeling bad about their bodies. About their age. About their bodies. About their skin.

Perverts have a way to manipulate, in fact that’s the way pedophilia ultimately works. Children have to be separated from their mothers.

For hundreds of years a dark force has implanted programs to shame sex and human sexuality.

They have enforced laws against our sexuality.

Do you see the pattern?

As humans we come in two genders. Regardless of how ones expresses themselves and regardless of one’s sexual orientation, we have these bodies and they naturally do what they do.

All bodies have to pee.

All bodies have to poop.

No shame or problem there.

All bodies are sexual. For a male body that is okay. For a broken female body, sexuality must be controlled.

Female bodies bleed and make babies, so there is a problem with their sexuality, with their bodies, and therefore they are not in the right mind to have any say over themselves ???


Women are not perverts. Women are not broken.

Women are POWERFUL AF!

You know them!


And do you really believe that all the women around you are broken and need fixing?

Or do you just “classify” different female humans with levels of value?

It matters not what form a women takes, she is your oracle, she is your life-bearer, she deserves honor and your protection.

Use your WORD to protect her!

End “dude-bro” female shaming culture. Be the one who speaks for her, for all of her. For Grandmothers, mothers, daughters, spouses, sisters and friends.

If you shame one women, you shame all women. Even the one you came from.

Women are the circle of life.

In creating a life is a big investment. Birds, animals, ocean life, amphibians, bee’s, all of nature, ALL OF NATURE, follows this principal. Life comes from a female, that the feminine knows best how to create, nurture and sustain life. When her baby or babies are born she falls into a love deeper then she has ever felt, a bond like nothing else, and an overwhelming feeling of protection of this little life. A desire for her little ones to thrive, be healthy and happy and live a long life of prosperity. Her instinct is to create the best “nest” and find the best mate she can. Every mother does the best she can, even when mentally, emotionally or physically wounded- even radically wounded mothers still have this instinct.

Feminine energy does not support war- for why would the feminine make huge investments of time and effort to create life, only to have that life be destroyed.

Creating life on our planet is a lot of effort and it works great when the female is honored, protected and valued.

By making women in issue, by making their bodies wrong, by making their sexuality wrong, by making their ability to create life wrong, more and more laws can be created to control her body and to separate her away from her child. Giving more and more unwanted children to the pedophiles who run this country.

A women is a life-bearing Goddess- she chooses and the masculine energy is there to protect her.

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