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My Leading Value "The Divine Feminine"

"It's not about Gender Stories! Look at the Energy of Feminine and Masculine, and inside that balance find freedom...." 

What is The Divine Feminine?

She is the Goddess Mother of all life on Earth, she lives under your feet and she is known by many names. Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia and Divine Feminine. She is your Mother, the Mother who has carried you through your entire life, THE MOTHER OF ALL, she is the divine feminine, the womb penetrated by the Cosmic Father known as God, AND its her time to speak.

“The Great Mother Energy”- energy that sustains life. Its the energy that creates life, nurtures life and sustains life- the divine feminine.

The Mother energy sacrifices, endures pain and continues to always give free unconditional love. The Mother energy wants only the best for her children- love, safety, vitality.

The Divine Feminine is a road-map to the true freedom of women and men on this Earth at this time.

A movement of empowerment that removes restricting limiting beliefs/programming, raises awareness around feminine and masculine energies and teaches tools to harness natural abilities to create a life of purpose, healing, love, laughter, play, pleasure, abundance, joy and bliss.

Our industrialized world has embedded systems from patriarchal order and the focus is widely centered on the “masculine energy template”. We honor the growth humanity has received from structure for so long, however during this season of humanity we put the spot light back on the Goddess and start to create a more sustainable life for all.

A sustainable life that does not destroy the planet, does not hurt our children, and does not hurt or threaten our own bodies.

Through the “unconditional” love and nurture of “The Great Mother”, we find “Unity Consciousness” and space to love all of life on Planet Earth.

The Masculine energy template can be best described as the following:. straight lines/boxes, categories, hierarchy, competitive, structured, linear, focused on “Thought” Thinking”/facts, more ridged, hard, a giving energy (pushing), action energy, building/construction energy, and more.

Through “The Great Mother” we shift our energies to a celebration and great honor for the energy that comes from the Feminine energy template. This increases life sustainability on our planet. “The power and intelligence of the Heart and Belly.” It’s best described as the following energies: emotional, feelings, connection, intuition, collaboration, creates/womb, it flows, its soft, its a receiving energy.

And so we bring GREAT honor, awareness and gratitude back to the Divine Feminine, to bring more energy into supporting vital life on earth.

By Danielle Eugenia

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