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There is nothing more powerful in this world then genuine vulnerably and transparency. It speaks to the heart and soul, its something real and it moves others to emotional places.

It has been a tool for toxic masculinity in the oppression of the feminine energy- as in manipulating others emotions. And so its powerful for us to learn how to share our hearts and souls so that we can shift this oppression.

Most people will resonate with vulnerability.

Others will get triggered or activated! Especially chronic "thinkers"- emotions can be scary to those who do not allow feeling to be felt.


Vulnerably and transparency are not here to prove anything.

Its simply your heart and soul being witnessed, and its not a performance, so something that real has power to stand out in a world full of manipulative performances.

Our world loves to "prove" everything. Its a huge energy suck. You can find research and facts that back up ANY TWO sides to everything. Its like an never ending story that keeps you busy with no real direction and the only results are separation. "Us" verse "them" mentality.

Inside an individual human experience, everything is defined by your own point-of-view. By our own feelings.

You are the center of the universe.

What if your heart-centered message supports someone else on their journey? What if it encourages others, inspires them to create something amazing or, what if it promotes healing?

Do you really want to hide that away?

Does that not have more meaning, more value, more purpose and more intent than trying to prove facts ?

For all the eye-rollers who don't get it, don't worry- heart-centered messages typically make someone "feel" something, most likely taking them out of their "floating head" for a moment. This experience has the power to shift someone into their own heart-space because they can feel the power of it, and that has the magic to bring us back to unity consciousness. Even if its just a moment- it has far more effective power then proving facts or manipulating emotions.

Being transparent and vulnerable are some of the greatest healing gifts you can offer the world right now.

You are Divine. You are Powerful. You are Beautiful.

#wildwomen #untamable #bravery #courage #bigheart