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Photographers don't really have any Competition

Photographers don’t really have competition.

I didn’t realize this or experience this at all when I first started.

When I started my photography business it was a competition for me.

I needed a “job”, some way to make money.

Rebuilding everything and starting new and feeling desperate for a thriving career. And I mean dessssssperate like that bitch that won’t go away.

My ego was flared up at every corner.

Other photographers where intimidating AF to me.

I felt like I had to fight everything.

It was a crunchy beautiful time.

A time I needed to learn and grow.

To get my sea legs.

To get my new eyes

It was a healing journey I will never forget.

What unfolded from that place was pure magic.

It birthed a movement.

My movement!

This week I'm meeting with another Women Empowerment photographer.

She is a legitimized Goddess bad ass lady boss who empowers women through her own art of photography! Her composition, skill level, professionalism, history and charisma make her one of the top picks in Las Vegas for women empowerment photography.

Her and I met one time at a networking event. I was working an insurance job that I hated with every cell of being. I had started my movement but didn’t have my structure. We connected briefly and I regret not making an effort to attempt to cultivate a relationship. We talked about putting together women empowerment events within the first 5 minutes of chatting. That should have been a big sign.

After I launched my “goddess photography” brand, I came across Casey’s website.

It was amazing.

And with the shit storm of ego and emotions stirring in my field, she frightened me and she felt like a threat.

(Takes deep breath)

The next time I saw her was in person on 1/11, she showed up to my Studio Grand Opening !

She gave me the BIGGEST HUG EVER! And she said I'm here for you sister, whatever you need!

That. Is. Women. Empowerment!

I see now, her and I are not in competition.

This movement that I have birthed will attract those who are meant to have the medicine I offer this world.

My artistry will inspire those who are meant to be inspired by it.

Both her and I created a structure for our movement.

And even tho we both do photography commercially,

Even tho we both have the same niche,

Even tho we are both bad ass goddess photographers,

We offer a different medicine, a different look, a different feel,

a different experience ...

And those Energy signatures have their own tribe of people.

So no Photographer has any competition, unless they’re only aligned with monetary results.