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Broken Systems

Voting to put new people into a broken system is the same as hiring a new driver to drive around your broke ass car.

The system is broken and you can’t change that by putting a new person into a car that won’t run.

The government purposely does things super duper slllllllllooooooooowwwwww. Very slow. So that they have time to manipulate their agenda into the changes.

There is no ethics or life preserving or sustaining foundations.

Every system is broken. Banks, healthcare, food/drug, education etc... because it’s not about the people, it’s about making money off the people.

What ethics and principles do we need you ask?

So glad you asked!

The answer is creating a new foundation with Divine feminine principals.

Principals that DO NOT HURT LIFE!

That includes not hurting all aspects of the human life- mentally, physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally.

Not hurting animals or life on earth or Earth in general as well.

But see even if everyone in America knew that and understood that by tomorrow, voting would still not change a thing.

It’s when we spend our money differently and move it towards heart-centered systems that we change the systems.

More and more people now are choosing alternative systems and starting to put their money and time into those creations, once humans start doing things consciously they start to feel unwanted feelings from supporting systems that hurt life.

Once we get to “the 100th monkey”, meaning enough people are channeling enough funds into alternatives, that’s when we get their undivided attention.

What alternatives do we have these days? ...more then we used to.

Also this doesn’t mean we all stop paying bills at once and become The rebellion.

You have to do this in small steps.

Choosing alternative healthcare.

Choosing a credit union over a bank or investing in cryptocurrency.

Choosing an alternative type of education.

Starting with what you can do and building on that. Slowly dripping energy into heart-centered creations.

Politicians and systems are like branches of a tree. It’s what you see. What they are actually doing is like the roots, you don’t see it- they keep it hidden from you on purpose.

What you don’t see is that they built all these systems to make you a slave and to serve them.

And until you change the foundation, voting will only satisfy you the same as any other Quick dopamine fix.