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Showing UP for Myself

"It's hard making commitments to yourself with a past patterns of self-sabotage"

I’m late again.

Starting my morning meditation as 11:11am.

I committed to this for 40 days and I find myself fiddling around avoiding it.

But, I’m DOING IT!

Learning to trust myself is the same as experiencing myself for the first time.

Watching and observing through consciousness and awareness.

I’m not perfect but I am showing up for myself, and trust is earned.

I’m doing my best. I’m only human.

Opening a little more each day to my own divine magic.

I know it’s real.

I see it.

I feel it.

I don’t need facts and numbers.

My ego says I need facts and numbers.

My ego says I need vanity and validations.

She feels successful in the limelight.

My soul on the other hand is going through a sacred initiation,

It has a lesson to learn to level-up.

Sometimes it feels slow & painful

Sometimes lonely and cold...

It seems an ongoing battle with lack consciousness…


and Fear…

I’m stepping out in a vulnerable way, creating something new, a little rebellious and not industry standard.

But every day at some point, I will “Muhammad Ali” the ego shit.


I believe SO MUCH in my magic!!!!!!

I believe so much in the COLORS of my VISION!!!!!!!

And the MASTERpeace Expression it will become!

It’s about showing up and sharing. And then showing up and sharing again.

Getting sand kicked in your face sometimes, and standing again and sharing again.

Peace by Peace I release the stories that held me prisoner, and I show up for myself!

What stories are holding you prisoner?