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Stop And Breathe

Hey you, slow down a moment! No for real , SSSSLLLLLOOOOOOWWWW down, take a deep breath, just breathe.

Because you look like a gerbal on a wheel right now


Eyes trekking around the room, your brain spinning around and around.


This fast lifestyle is driving you mad and you can’t see it.

Your blaring your music while driving in traffic, overwhelming your senses to numb out.


The caffeine you consume is creating a blockage of energy around your heart-space. It’s a tight area, frozen in stagnation and you drag through the day existing only to pay your bills.


Trying hard to not be disruptive.

To be nice and sweet.

To give everything that are till your empty.


Constantly in a state of aggression.

Easily provoked.

Triggered and activated.



Here’s a helpful “tool” for your “toolbox”

It’s called Stop and Breathe

Each and every time you breathe, you gather a present from the universe.

Your personal power!

That moment was yours, that deep breath of air that nourished you, all yours. the peace you feel in that moment, your gift...

And done enough times

Making more and more deposits into your “being present bank account” pays big dividends!

Taking in fully each moment of life and each breath you take, it’s like having your own personal reset button.

You get to start rewriting your story. One that feels more love and attracts more love. One that feels and attracts more peace. One that feels and attracts more abundance.

Being present will help you gain wisdom because you can see inside what you already knew. Your brain can argue any side of any story endlessly, but your gut and your heart always know your truth.

Connect deeper to yourself, authentically and honestly.

breathe breathe breathe