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“Show up to shine! Show me the sign.”

“Show up to shine! Show me the sign.”

New messages for those who are awake arrive in many ways- this came through a song.

Times have changed, people are waking up and making choices about what and whom they support with their time and money.

Seeking values, heart-centered values that raise vibrational energy, that grow love, that support healthy mind, body, spirit and planet earth.

As corruption becomes exposed, we choose not to spend our thoughts, money, time or attention to those things. They become “Not an Option”, not up for discussion, do not pass go, do collect 200.

For those who show up and shine, we share, we support, we collaborate, we trade, and we put our energy into creating a new world in this way.

The more people learn to channel their energies towards their values the more the old world dies.

The old ways of trashing the earth to make money, and hurting others health and well-being for greed simply die.

This is happening now.