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The Red Tent

The Red Tent symbolizes the private and magical world of women, celebrating cycles, ends and beginnings.

In ancient times women on their moon would come gather at the red tent to free bleed .

To celebrate the life blood of the womb, when the bleed is first initiated, when it ends, when it changes.

I started my period very late - I was 15 and half.

I was embarrassed to be a late bloomer.

It was not celebrated.

It was not treated as special.

It was shamed and I was told is was a “curse” I would have to live with.

I carried shame and secretive embarrassment around my blood.

I also endured debilitating menstrual pain every month for 15 years.

I healed myself, it took years.

The day it all changed was the day I went to a sacred red tent gathering and opened up to the honor and beauty of our precious life giving wombs.

I have embraced this and shared this with my sisters.

Now Red Tent gatherings are forming around the world, to again honor the gift of bleedings.

The action of women coming together to honor bleeding as sacred is the action that changes the narrative.