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Tools for Feeling Triggered

When you are “Triggered”, that’s the time you need self-love and self-care the most.

You can’t solve your problems in a triggered state.

There’s absolutely no point in arguing or fighting unless you are purposely trying to hurt someone.

Anger and ego create language that can hurt a soul forever.

It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to be triggered.

You have a choice and often the mature choice is not the popular option. You are the one triggered and so it is you that needs to take care of yourself.

Here’s some tips:

- Get grounded first.

- Allow yourself as much space as you need.

- Do some emotional release: go for a drive and scream in the car. Punch some pillows. Vent to your dog or cat.

- go for a walk

- allow the process to unfold gently, journal about your inner processes.

- lean on friends and family who don’t further trigger you and are not the ones causing you to be triggered atm.


Do Not: start fights or arguments

Do Not: text message anyone

Do Not: start drinking/gambling/drugs or numbing yourself out

Being triggered is a lot things, but those things are all going on inside of you.


THEY are NOT others, despite how your ego spins it to convince you otherwise and Despite how well you are projecting on others.

A trigger is simply a sign of inner work you need to do. Not others.