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Why ALL Brides Should This one Thing!

Why Brides Should do Boudoir Photos?

When you are a bride-to-be and preparing for your sacred day of marriage, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day planning of the wedding and forget that this is a special time of transition from maiden to wifey.

Imagine yourself as a beautiful bride to be, it’s the morning of your wedding, your gushing with excitement and nerves, preparing for the big day.

**You leave a gift for your soon to be husband to open when he’s putting his tux on. He opens a sleek box, much like he’ll be unwrapping you tonight.

Inside the box reveals beautiful images featuring his smokin, hot woman adorned in Bridal lingerie.

Showing off your eyes, your curves, teasing his primal wild instincts.

And the lighting capturing the electricity oozing from you.

You look like a whole damn snack that he can’t wait to se his teeth into tonight !

He’s thinking he’s the luckiest guy on earth and he can’t wait to rip that wedding dress off of you.

Build the anticipation and let the fire smolder by booking your bridal boudoir shoot this summer!

A gift not only for you, but for the man that gets to worship you in the sheets.

And a special wedding gift for you as well, the Bride-to-Be