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Your Greatest Love Waiting to Meet you

Daily Body Love practices

Being comfortable in your own skin is a journey that starts with taking the first step.

But what is the first step?

Understanding Your body is innocent.

She’s been with you since the moment you were conceived and before you took your first breath .

And she will be with you the last moment of your human experience.

She works relentlessly hard 24 seven with no breaks or vacations.


She’s your greatest love waiting to meet you!

She only desires your love and validation.

She has consciousness in every part and in every cell. Some of your greatest insight, wisdom, and knowledge lies within the consciousness of your own body.

She puts up with your bullying and abuse, and still loves you unconditionally.

Connecting with your body in a loving, and nonjudgmental way and see for yourself, she will pour out her wisdom to you.

Its pure gold and pure energy.

You don’t even realize how much energy you piss away everyday worried about your weight, your belly size, your looks, and how you measure up physically in this world. For women who struggle with being in their own skin, it’s a TON of wasted energy.

There is only one body like the one you have, it’s a masterpiece and there will never again be another like it.

Your heart, your womb, your vagina, your gut, are all the most powerful intellectual centers in your body. Your brain helps to run the show but the others you are ignoring are the true oracles within you.

Are you ready to meet “her”?

The consciousness locked away in your cells that have infinite wisdom?

Taking the first step can be confusing and difficult when you are not sure how to do it.

That is why I have curated a boudoir experience design to be that first step in embracing and loving the greatest gift you have been given in this life - your body.

And I have watched countless women who have done shoots with me walk away different and connected to their bodies in a new way. With a new honor for the truth of who they really are, and not the programmed bs of who they think they should be. With something tangible (like a photo album or wall art) to remind them when they forget.

If you are ready to take this important life-changing step, now is the time! I have only a few sessions left this summer however for $99 down you can book a session with me anytime for 2023!

Its time to “get out of your head” and into your body! Make an investment in yourself that you will cherish and appreciate for the rest of your life.

My DMs are open, let’s chat!