• Legacy Portraits: Embracing Family Bonds


    "Capture Timeless Moments and Cherish Your Family's Unique Story" 


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  • Family Snapshots by Elle at Brazen & Beautiful: Where Every Giggle is Gold


    Dive into the delightful world of family photography with Elle Abbott, where we turn your family's quirkiest moments into masterpieces. At Brazen & Beautiful, we believe in capturing the magic hidden in the chaos of family life, from pillow fights to tender hugs, ensuring every snap tells a story worth sharing.


    Elle's lens is like a wand, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. With a knack for catching the genuine smiles and unguarded laughter, your family's spirit is immortalized in every photo. These aren't just pictures; they're your personal collection of joy, bound to be treasured for generations.


    Join us on a whimsical photo journey that celebrates your unique family saga. Here, every session is a fun-filled adventure, sprinkled with a bit of Elle's photography pixie dust. Let's make memories that sparkle!

  • Family Portraid Packages

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    Heritage Collection: 

    A foundational package to start your family's photographic legacy, featuring a 1-hour session, 12 high-resolution images, and one 8x10 print. Perfect for capturing the essence of your family's bond.




    Depoist to book $200


    - add professional Hair and Makeup services for $199


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    Legacy Package:

    Elevate your family's story with a 2-hour session, 24 high-resolution images, two 8x10 prints, and an online gallery to share with loved ones. This package allows for a more extensive exploration of your family's dynamics and relationships.




    - add professional Hair and Makeup services for $199


    Depoist to book $300


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     Heirloom Suite:

    The ultimate family portrait experience, including a 3-hour session, 60 high-resolution images, a custom 8x12 photo album, and three 8x10 prints for timeless memories. Designed for families looking for a comprehensive and deeply personalized photographic journey.




    Depoist to book $450