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    "Working with Elle exceeded all my expectations"

    What an experience! I’m a seasoned dancer and model, have worked with many many wonderful photographers during my career. Each photographer has a little different style of course and that’s the beauty of it. Working with Elle exceeded all my expectations not only when it comes to results, the final edits but for the entire experience. This was the first time for me go through guided meditation before the shoot!!! Who does that? It was incredibly uplifting, grounding and trust building. Danielle clearly loves what she does, she is a fan of her own work and she controls the environment and the mood in a most subtle yet powerful way. Her sets are classy, stylish and comfortable, so much choose from, so much to play with. And please if I may, here is my suggestion to you, to the one who you are still hesitating about the boudoir shoot… No matter what you think or feel about yourself right now you will never get this time of your life back. Time keeps ticking with no mercy. Ten years, twenty years later you are going to be so grateful you did this shoot because regardless of how you see yourself right now, you are never going to be the same again. You are going to cherish the photos and think how beautiful you are and how thankful you are that you captured these moments in the timeline of your journey in this life. Do it! DO IT! Elle will make you feel and look like million bucks, you are in good hands, and you’ll be so thankful you did it!
    Thank you Danielle for who you are and for your endless contributions to empower women’s lives!


    Amira - Las Vegas Nevada

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    "...I never once felt uncomfortable or awkward..."

    This was the most amazing, empowering and exciting experience. Mel made me look incredible beautiful with hair and makeup and Elle did her magic with the photos. I never once felt uncomfortable or awkward. The viewing of the photos was so fun and I was stunned at Elle's talent. I left feeling like a super model! If you've ever thought about having boudoir photos go to Elle!! You won't regret it.

    Thank you Elle for making it happen.



    Maybel, Las Vegas Nevada

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    " it brought tears to my eyes!"

    Elle was wonderful, she made me feel so comfortable, and the photos she took where amazing, she made me feel so beautiful as it brought tears to my eyes! Thank you Elle you are Awesome!


    Anna - Boulder City, Nevada


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    " I had a really fun shoot with Elle "

    Elle is amazing and her work is so beautiful and inspiring!!

    I had a really fun shoot with Elle. It was my first time ever doing boudoir and it was awesome! Elle knew how to get the right lighting and the cool poses, encouraging me as we go along. I usually don't like how I look but I definitely love the pictures she took! I highly recommend booking a shoot with her if you want to feel beautiful and have fun while doing so! Thank you Elle! ❤


    Mileth - Las Vegas Nevada

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    "My photos turned out amazing "

    I did my photo shoot in 2019 and I had an absolute blast!! Elle was so fun to be around! Her energy is amazing and positive! By the time it came for my photo shoot after a few minutes of meditating i was fully aware of my surroundings and completely relaxed! My photos turned out amazing thanks to Elle for making this recently divorced lady feel amazing again! Much love to you! Love and light!!!


    Connie - Las Vegas Nevada

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    Elle is an amazing person and a great photographer. 

    Upon our first conversation I felt completely at ease when speaking with her. 

    After meeting Elle on the morning of the photo shoot she is a breathe of fresh air. All the nerves came melting away right away. 


    The boudoir photo shoot was something completely out of my comfort zone and almost backed out, but I’m glad I didn’t. 


    She starts with clothing and then slowly moves more sexy and works completely on your level of comfort. 


    I definitely was not disappointed with the outcome of the shoot and if you choose Elle I don’t think you will ether. 


    Thanks Elle for everything! You are so friendly, kind, and a great person in general!


    Received the book and it blew my mind away. The presentation was over the top.

    Beth - Las Vegas NV

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